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"This counter inside the Block food hall downtown is a glimpse at the future of cooking in America. I don’t mean that our restaurant scene will suddenly become a playground of Philippine American concepts, though I wouldn’t mind that at all. No, what I mean is that chefs Paolo Dungca and Tom Cunanan have tapped into a trend that I think will define American gastronomy for years to come: With Pogiboy, they are blurring the boundaries between high and low, between fine dining and fast-casual, creating food that’s accessible but no less meticulous than plates found at restaurants with tablecloths, servers and wine lists. They find inspiration practically everywhere, whether in fast-food chains or Philippine home cooking. Their free-form approach has led to some of my favorite bites of 2021: the Double To-Chino burger, the Eugene, the Sinigang chicken wings (with shrimp chips!) and more. I could happily grow fat, if not handsome, on Pogiboy cooking."

—Tim Carman, The Washington Post

Photo: Scott Suchman

Pogiboy in Tagalog translates to "handsome boy," a playful nod to Filipino Chefs Tom Cunanan and Paolo Dungca's childhood. Memories of playing, learning, eating, and helping their family in a restaurant bring back nostalgic carefree times for Cunanan and Dungca—lending to their inspiration to bring that cherished and innocent, childhood joy to Pogiboy.

Pogiboy is a playful and energetic, fast-casual concept as the highlight inside DC's The Block Foodhall & Bar, bringing Filipino-American food to the greater Washington, DC metro area in an approachable, accessible experience.



1110 Vermont Ave NW

Washington, DC 20005


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👨🏽‍🍳 Chef Paolo Dungca


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🍔 Wednesday - Saturday 11am to 3pm

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