Roseda beef patty, secret sauce, American cheese, caramelized onions, pickles


Sliced top round beef, burnt-onion horseradish, Bistek soy sauce,

sliced raw onion

Longanisa & Tocino mix, secret sauce, acharra, grilled pineapple

$10.95 (Double Patty) $8.95 (Single Patty)
Sub for Impossible Meat +$1

Pogi Burger

The Eugene

To "Chino" Burger

$10.95 (Double Patty) $8.95 (Single Patty)
Sub for Impossible Meat +$1

$8.95 (3 Pieces) 




PFC (Pogi Fried ChiQen) Wings

Fiesta Spaghetti

Loco Dinner

Sinigang chicken wings, shrimp chips,

banana ketchup, jasmine rice

Hotdog bolognese, spaghetti noodles, gouda cheese

Fresh Roseda beef or Tocino patty, jasmine rice, Pogiboy mushroom gravy, Adobo caramelized onions, fried egg, chives

Crab fat, Gouda cheese, Fontina, 

Fusili pasta


Waffle fries, smoked bacon gravy, egg, chicharron, lemon oil & wedge, chives



Crabby Mac&Cheese

Whole Maui onion, chili-crab

fat mayo, scallion spice

Loaded Palabok Waffle Fries

Blooming Sam-"Pogi"-Ta



Mini crumb pie, guava & granny smith apple filling, streusel, whipped cream

$8 (5 pieces)

Pork filling, water chestnuts, chili vinegar dipping sauce

  • Jasmine Rice

  • Garlic Fried Rice

  • Elote w/ Cilantro Mayo & Cotija Cheese

  • French Fries


Guapo Pie



$3.00 each

Lumpiang Shanghai

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