Pogi Classics

Roseda beef patty, secret sauce, American cheese, caramelized onions, pickles, Ube Bun


Sliced top round beef, burnt-onion horseradish, Bistek soy sauce,

sliced raw onion

Longanisa & Tocino mix, secret sauce, acharra, grilled pineapple, Ube bun

$13.95 (Double Patty) $10.95 (Single Patty)
Sub for Impossible Meat +$1

Pogi Burger

The Eugene

To "Chino" Burger

$13.95 (Double Patty) $10.95 (Single Patty)
Sub for Impossible Meat +$1

$13.95 (3 Pieces) 


spaghetti special_edited.png

PFC (Pogi Fried ChiQen) Wings

Fiesta Spaghetti $13.95
Spaghetti $pecial $18.95

Pogi Loco Or Loco Tocino

Sinigang chicken wings, shrimp chips,

banana ketchup, jasmine rice

Hotdog bolognese, spaghetti noodles, gouda cheese

*Spaghetti $pecial comes with 2 PFC Wings*

Fresh Roseda beef or Tocino patty, jasmine rice, Pogiboy mushroom gravy, Adobo caramelized onions, fried egg, chives

pogi loco_edited.png

Crispy pork belly, java rice

soft egg, cucumber salad

Mang Tom Sauce


Waffle fries, smoked bacon gravy, egg, chicharron, lemon oil & wedge, chives



Lechon Kawali Bowl

Whole Maui onion, chili-crab

fat mayo, scallion spice

Loaded Palabok Waffle Fries

Blooming Sam-"Pogi"-Ta



Adobo fried chicken, fried basil,

cilantro, spicy banana ketchup

$8 (5 pieces)

Pork filling, water chestnuts, chili vinegar dipping sauce

  • Jasmine Rice

  • Garlic Fried Rice

  • French Fries


$3.00 each

Lumpiang Shanghai

Pogi Tenders $7.95

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